About SkeptiSketch

Skeptisketch is Mike Macmillan.

You can reach me at: skeptisketch at gmail.com

Mike MacMillan


SkeptiSketch is a project I started to promote secular and scientific thinkers and their ideas. Many of the brilliant secular and scientific arguments on YouTube are found on shaky camcorder footage of debates and lectures. By illustrating these in a new and interesting way I hope to promote these ideas to a wider audience and hopefully add depth to the ideas themselves.

Mike MacMillan is a husband and the father of 3 young boys.  He lives near Orillia, Ontario.


Maki Naro

Maki is a Philidelphia based science illustrator and regular illustrator for popular science and many other science publications. In 2016, Maki was named Comic Creator of the Year at the Philadelphia Geek Awards.

Lindsey Krassen

Lindsey is a Seattle based illustrator and animator. She taught game art and animation at the Art Institute of Seattle, and has worked in both studio environments and as a freelance artist.

35 thoughts on “About SkeptiSketch

  1. Hi Mike, your BHA animations drew me here too! It’s amazing work – and your dedication to humanists, scientists and freethinkers is commendable. Thanks and keep it up!

  2. You are a very talented communication facilitator. Your creative efforts greatly enhance the message. Keep up the excellent work. Thank you for what you do so well.

  3. This is amazing! My 9 year old cousin watched a BHA video and all he could say after was ‘wow’ at the message…and wow at how fast you can draw.

    • Hi Amelia! Thanks for saying hi. I’m really pleased that this message is reaching young people. As a boy, my only access to answers about coping with life’s big questions was the Catholic Church. Well into adulthood I carried around shame and bigoted opinions based solely on childhood indoctrination. The values expressed by the subjects in my videos are healthier in every way for a young mind.

  4. I found you through UpWorthy’s post on “What the hell do people believe in?”, and I just love your reason for creating Skeptisketch! I am a visual learner, and always appreciate when I can find an illustrated explanation of any subject. Your work is amazing! Keep it up! 🙂

  5. Your work is inspiring in so many ways. Thank you …for doing this, for keeping your heart open to these ideas and to your hands!!

  6. Mike…your work is changing the world for the better! Thank You!

    But…how do you do it? How about a peek behind the scenes…lots of people would like to see the real time drawing process. Will you indulge us?

    No matter what you do, keep on going! We love it!

  7. Thank you Mike, for such excellent work. I had vowed that the next time I saw one of these animations I would investigate the method. Your style would be excellent for explaining some concepts of sacred geometry which I have been teaching for a long time. So like the comments before me I am curious as to whether there is software and equipment for this technique?
    Of course I want to try it myself, but maybe if I knew more about it I would quickly realize that you should be the animator!
    My best to you, Jim Young.

  8. Love the message; but would also love to understand the technology behind your presentation. Are you also a professional illustrator? Can you share how long it takes you to technically produce these presentations? I understand if it is copyright material – I am just fascinated with the process. Of course, love the message as well :-). You are amazingly talented !

  9. Your artwork is truly astonishing.
    Do you use any construction lines that are not visible on the final video?
    If not, then to render such clearly accurate images & text freehand, (in indelible ink), is a gift of quite extraordinary talent. One that I wish that I possessed.

  10. I just had to comment that I absolutely adore your work. It’s amazing! And a perfect way to bring these concepts alive for people who wouldn’t otherwise take the time to watch their original form.

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  12. Hello! I’ve been reading your site for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out
    from Atascocita Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic

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  18. It’s really pleasing to see what you’re doing Mike. I’ve been a fan since seeing the BHA animation but have seen many since – great work 🙂

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